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Cable Drum Stands

General Description

These Cable Drum Stands can be built to your specification for convenient use with Vehicles already in fleet. The Cable Stands have been designed with a one man operated Spindle Shaft that is interchangeable with Self-Loading Cable Trailers if required.

We provide on the Cable Stands a Hydraulically adjusted Height Roller to allow for different levels and sizes of Drums, a Mounting Skid is available to allow for 3 x Cable Stands to be used at the same time.

The Cable Drum Stands can be built to your specification and with its own Power Engine Pack or via External Hydraulic Sources Eg: (Power pack or Truck).

Cable Stand Models are capable of producing a line pull of 10kn while Paying out overhead Power Lines and 30mtrs/min Recovery speed including a specialised Cable Feed Assembly for layering cable evenly onto Cable Drums.

Installing Overhead Power Lines is easy using two Cable Stands, place one Cable Stand a tonne end with a full Drum of Conductor Cable and another Cable Stand at the other end empty. A pulling rope is placed between the two Cable Stands and the Cable Pulling process begins until full power line section is complete. The Cable Stand at the far end is Pulling at a max 10Kn and the Cable Stand Paying off is using either the Hydraulic Control or Manual Disc Brake to adjust Cable Speed off the drum.

The Final Tension of 10Kn can be achieved using these Cable Stands as an all in one unit or if more Tension is required, Ozzy Cranes also manufacture a 34Kn Bull Wheel Tensioning unit.

These Cable Stands and Bull Wheel Tension units can be used as Independent Units or as a Combination of either three Cable Stands or two Cable Stands with one Bull Wheel unit to enable the pulling of "Three" Conductor Power Lines at the same time. Safety is always at the top of the list and these Units can also be operated by Remote Control so the operator is well clear of Conductor Line Pull.




Drum Diameter
Drum Width 1500mm
Max Drum Weight 2.5 Tonne
Max Drum Speed 30 mtrs/min
Unit Frame Dimensions 2000mm x 2450mm
Max Line Pull 10 Kn
Power Diesel Engine contained in weather resistant Cabinet
with Sound proofing
Braking-Manual Manual braking supplied with Disc Brake
Brake Monitoring LCD Display for Monitoring Pressure Applied to Disc
Controls-Hydraulic Manually operated Hydraulic Controls
Controls-Remote Pendant Cable Remote Control option Available
Spindle Shaft
Spindle Shaft is separate from Drive Mechanism for
ease of use
Shaft Drive
Hydraulically Drive Via Shaft contained in Heavy duty
Frame Strong Steel Frame and Hot Dipped Galvanised
Mounting Skid Mount (suitable for Forklift)
Mount Locking Container Twist Locks
Reservoir Hydraulic Oil Reservoir fitted: Filters, Level Gauge,
Shut off Valve
Guide Rollers Height Rollers -Hydraulically Adjustable
Paying Out Hydraulic Drive Motor
Rewinding Hydraulic Drive Motor
Emergency Stops 3 x provided for Hydraulic and Engine stop