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Ozzy Cranes's Bull Wheel Tensioning Unit

Bull Wheel Tensioning Units

General Description

The Bull Wheel Dual Tension Unit is capable of a Single Conductor Pull of 34KN @ up to 60 mtr / min or Dual Conductor Pulls of 34KN @ up to 30 mtr / min. Control of Bull Wheel is via Cable Remote Control and this Remote Control can be used in the following combinations:

  1. Bull Wheel Dual Tension Unit on it's own
  2. Bull Wheel Unit with Two (2) Cable Stands
  3. Three (3) Cable Stands together

The Bull Wheel Unit also can be purchased with an "Operators Cage" giving the Operator full view of the Tensioning operation, this Station includes a Seat and Cradle to fit Remote Control unit. This Bull Wheel Unit can also be positioned on the Mounting Skid with 2 x Cable Stands.

Bull Wheel scan be used in such a way that Dual Conductor Pulls can be performed at Variable Speeds (Variable Tension Settings are available).

Specification Description
Operation Single or Dual Conductor Pulls
Tension 34KN Tension independent of each other
Speed Up to 60mt /min (Single Pull) speed independent and variable of each other
Bull Wheel Diameter Diameter 500mm
Bull Wheel Angle 45 Degree Bull Wheel for easy angle onto Cable Stands
Controls Cable Remote Control
Operation Independent Hydraulic Power Pack
Power Diesel Engine contained in Cabinet with Sound proof Qualities
Braking-Hydraulic Hydraulic Static Braking
Mounting Skid Mount (suitable for Forklift)
Mount Locking Container Twist Locks
Reservoir Hydraulic Oil Reservoir fitted: Filters, Level Gauge, Shut off Valve